A new online course in basic electricity principles has been launched for a general audience desiring a basic understanding of what electricity is and the principles involved in voltage, current, resistance and power. 
Pull out side menu to keep track on where you are in the course.
A calculator is provided so you do not have to leave the page. Plus you can place it in whatever location you need it on the page
A rollout to show that you needed to complete the quiz before advancing.
The course took more than 8 months to develop and is very interactive. It has over 100 interactive elements, from custom designs to artwork. The course is pretty sophisticated for an entry-level course. It explains electricity concepts in detail. We know the best way for a user to learn is to use multiple learning methods, so the course is very engaging and highly visual.
Basic math skills are necessary to effectively complete the course, but the program includes a built-in calculator, and the concepts, including Ohm's Law, are explained in a basic way that's easy to understand.
Check out the working demo HERE.
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